About Us

Giovanna Stopponi – Director of REACT – with Head Teacher Fatima Ibrahim of Am Nabak Refugee Camp in Chad

REACT is dedicated to supporting those fleeing conflicts and living in displaced camps to access education and exercise their right to an independent and dignified economic social and cultural development. As refugees, young people no longer have access to their former schools or textbooks. Being excluded from their national curriculum they are unable to gain vital qualifications, something that can offer them professional employment and a recognized standing in their community and country. At REACT we seek to support refugee students and teachers by working with community leaders and local partners, creating clear impact driven projects to provide educational resources.

REACT believes those fleeing conflict and war have the right to protection and basic services to ensure their well being. REACT supports direct emergency relief, focusing specifically on women, children and the vulnerable. The right to shelter and refuge and emergency medical help, is one of the key central missions of the charity. For refugees living in camps we believe they have the same ambitions and talents as others individuals and should have the right to enjoy equal access to develop their potentials. REACT aims to empower refugee schools by establishing channels for mutual support, communication and understanding through education and the media.


REACT Trustees come from a wide range of skills and expertise, including humanitarian, media, education, communication and law experts. The Founder Team has great experience working extensively in West and East Africa, the Mediterranean and South Asia. Throughout these regions REACT has built strong relationships with communities, schools, tribal leaders and local partners.


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