On April 30th 2017, our REACT super volunteers are going to run 22km in East London in order to make a difference in the lives of those fleeing war and trauma. By supporting us through a donation, you will give vulnerable refugees in the UK, Europe and Sub Saharan Africa a chance to participate in society as equals through education and dignified opportunities. Last year, REACT fundraising helped to deliver emergency response facilities in Greece to thousands of women and children arriving in boats escaping war and trauma.  REACT also delivered libraries and text books in Arabic and Farsi to the refugee camps in Greece and also educational resources in Chad to Darfuri refugee schools. This year REACT is fundraising to continue to help women survivors of trafficking and torture to access further education, legal aid and language classes through targeted grants that will allow them to regain confidence and self esteem as well as the opportunity to re-enter society as equals. By donating to our volunteers running the Hackney Half Marathon, you will also allow REACT to continue to deliver education for adults and children in collaboration with the refugees themselves – with a focus on supporting refugee teachers in their mother tongues, as well as supporting other learning activities such as “right to play”. So! if you are able, please support our wonderful runners and donate in Solidarity! click here https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/react-jg/refugeedignity