School links with refugee children

How can your School help?

If you are a student or a teacher, you can support the refugee students and teachers by creating a link and opening a dialogue between your school and the refugee schools.

REACT aims to give a voice to refugee youth and children by establishing links between schools in the camps and schools elsewhere, either in the UK or in otherparts of the world. These school partnerships provide mutual benefit to both the refugees and the international students and teachers, and can be used to nurture education and learning.

You can contact REACT email to visit your school and give a talk about Darfur and the Darfuri refugee children and teachers with whom REACT has a long-term relationship through its work. Get to know how life is for them and how you can support their dreams and ambitions to study and become empowered and safe individuals.

What’s in there for you?

REACT fundraises for project specific activities with clear objectives and visible results and outputs, not faceless donations. What you get in return is an opportunity to engage with real people and lives through opening a channel of communication with individual refugees children and teachers, who are aware of the people who have helped them. Perhaps most importantly, you will have the knowledge that you have contributed to give the refugees a voice to communicate to the outside world about themselves and their aspirations in life.

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Who has done it

In its current Darfur Book project, REACT has successfully initiated a link between Am Nabak refugee camp School, in Chad, and St James’ Schools. Learn more about the fundraising activities by the Junior Girls at St James

Get Involved

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